The Lord's Supper

Sunday, March 25th

during the PM Service

Ben's Ford Online

Tract Attack

Tract Challenge:

Give a tract to someone at a gas station this week!

Foyer Building Fund

Couples Sunday School Class

Location: Building 3, Upstairs, 3rd door to the left


Teachers: Bro. Caleb & Mrs. Toni

Sunday School Class: the Book of Revelation / Bible Prophecy

Building 3, Upstairs

Spiritual Warfare Bible Study

PLEASE sign up,

if interested!

Class located in church parsonage.

Preaching Engagements for Bro. Caleb

Creation Conference

2018 Graduates

If you are a high school senior,

and you'd like to be included in our

Graduation Sunday, on May 20th,

please sign up by April 15th.

RU Nursery

Men's Bible Study & Breakfast

Reformers Unanimous

Senior Adult Trip to Branson