Missions Beyond Aviation

Missionaries: Ethan & Beth Shields

Email: missionsbeyond@me.com

Sending Church: Ben's Ford Baptist Church | Bogalusa, LA

Pastor: Bro. Caleb Martin


Welcome to the donation page for Missions Beyond Aviation




PHASE 2 | Missions Beyond Aviation

Goal: $200,000



We are Missions Beyond Aviation 

*Missionary Aviation: evangelize unreached people groups and fly national pastors into villages to plant churches.

*Medical Evacuation: utilize the airplane for medical evacuations in Ngäbe-Buglé territory.   

*Bible Education: train national pastors in Biblically sound doctrine and preach to encourage established churches.



My name is Ethan Shields. I am sent out of Ben’s Ford Baptist Church under Pastor Caleb Martin. We minister in Central America in the country of Panama, with a focus predominantly on an indigenous people group, the Ngäbe (pronounced No-bay). Because of the rugged mountain terrain, most Ngäbe people live in secluded villages that are only accessible by foot.

In order to help us more effectively plant churches and train leaders in this region,God led me to build an airplane that is especially designed for landing on rugged, unimproved airstrips in very short distances.


This is why we need to develop the ministry property that God has given us. We plan to move land and condition the ground in order to build a runway and hangar for the aviation ministry. This property will be the future home for a Christian camp and Bible Institute as well. These donations will allow us to complete PHASE 2.




*Purchase property

PHASE 2: Missions Beyond Aviation
*Level ground
*Build internal road and drainage
*Construct hangar and runway
*Drill well

PHASE 3: Camp/Bible Institute
*Build facilities
-Dorms, Kitchen/Dining Room, Multipurpose building, ball fields, etc.



God is doing great things in Panama and we invite you to have part in it! ALL donations will go toward completing PHASE 2 of our mission work. Any amount that you can help with is a blessing. Below we have some suggested donation levels and a few tokens of appreciation as a thank you for your investment in this ministry.



$80 = 1 truckload of dirt moved 

Thank you gift:

1 Missions Beyond Aviation (MBA) Flight Tag



$400 = 5 truckloads of dirt moved

Thank you gifts:

1 MBA Flight Tag 

1 MBA T-Shirt



$1600 = 20 truckloads of dirt moved

Thank you gifts:

2 MBA Flight Tags

2 MBA T-shirts

1 MBA hat



$4000 = 50 truckloads of dirt moved

Thank you gifts:

5 MBA Flight Tags 

2 MBA T-shirts

1 MBA hat

1 MBA plaque with traditional indigenous handiwork


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